Meet the Villa Pia Family: Aniko

Meet the Villa Pia Family: Aniko

Villa Pia family Aniko

Continuing our popular series on the blog, we introduce you to the ‘Villa Pia family’ — the amazing team that helps make your holiday in Italy so special. We asked the staff questions about work and what they do in their spare time. We hope you, our readers, enjoy these interviews as much as we do.

In today’s edition, we catch up with one of our lovely managers, Aniko!



How long have you worked at Villa Pia?
9 years.

What do you like most about working at the villa?
I like working here because I get to use my skills. I studied in catering school in Hungary and I worked in a big hotel. Maybe it’s also because I’m a Cancer and I like hosting people. Also it’s great that you don’t have rigid rules here. We work as a family. We might argue sometimes but when you need a helping hand it’s always there.

Anything you would change?
Villa Pia’s philosophy is that it’s not a Bed & Breakfast or a hotel, it’s like going to a best friend’s family house. So guests and staff feel more free, which is great. But sometimes when there are lots of people here, a few more rules wouldn’t go amiss!

What are your fondest or funniest memories of working here?
Hard to pick. I just remember the first time I came here and saw Villa Pia from the gate. I fell in love immediately!

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at Villa Pia?
I like travelling, reading, I started running this year and I would like to try yoga. I’ve done Pilates with Giorgio who runs classes at Villa Pia.

Describe Villa Pia in 3 words.
Family atmosphere. Lovely environment. And food!


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