Meet the Villa Pia Family: Christian

Meet the Villa Pia Family: Christian

Villa Pia Christian

Continuing our popular series on the blog, we introduce you to the ‘Villa Pia family’ — the amazing team that helps make your holiday in Italy so special. We asked the staff questions about work and what they do in their spare time. We hope you, our readers, enjoy these interviews as much as we do.

In today’s edition, we hang out with one of the villa’s younger residents!


I’m 12 years old.

How long have you been at Villa Pia?
I’ve been living here for 9 years, I live upstairs. My dad works at Villa Pia, he does everything from taxi driver to pool cleaner. My mum does the cooking for breakfast sometimes or the flowers or the cleaning.

Villa Pia pool
What do you like most about the villa?
Mostly the pool. Also I like to come down and play with the bigger boys that come here, like Ezra and Jed. I’ve got like 19 friends, from all over the world. We keep in touch via text messages. When noone’s here, I play on my Playstation or I read a book.

What are your fondest or funniest memories of being here?
The most funny was my best friend Cameron. There was a girl he liked and she was doing some art. Every time we kept knocking and hiding and she never caught us!

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at Villa Pia?
I like going to the beach to swim or playing in the park or visiting my auntie in Arezzo.

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