Meet the Villa Pia Family: Giuseppa

Meet the Villa Pia Family: Giuseppa

Villa Pia family Beppa

Continuing our popular series on the blog, we introduce you to the ‘Villa Pia family’ — the amazing team that helps make your holiday in Italy so special. We asked the staff questions** about work and what they do in their spare time. We hope you, our readers, enjoy these interviews as much as we do.

In today’s edition, we spend time with one of the longest working kitchen staff!

Giuseppa (or Beppa).


How long have you worked at Villa Pia?
16 years. I’ve seen a lot of changes!

What do you like most about working at the villa?
I live here in Lippiano so it’s close to home and it’s nice to have the opportunity to work here.

Anything you would change?
No, I wouldn’t change anything. I like the way we work here, we’re like a family, even asking each other to change shifts last minute.

What are your fondest or funniest memories of working here?
We have fond memories of (Villa Pia owner) Morag’s kids when they were small. Ellie and Callum came from England but Patrick was born in Italy. We watched them growing up. They come back frequently though, when Ellie was here recently it was wonderful.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at Villa Pia?
Gardening. I love flowers. I also do some gardening at Villa Pia, at the beginning of the season.

Describe Villa Pia in 3 words.
Peaceful. Having a good relationship with everybody. Family. (‘Quite literally,’ adds Paola, the manager, ‘Patrizia the cook is Giuseppa’s sister-in-law and the other cook Marinella is her niece!’)


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